Global Business Consultancy

Hitendra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. offers business consultancy services for Indian as well as Overseas Clients including setting up new offices, collaborations, tie-up, license acquisition, real estate consultancy & much more.
We also help in elevating the business to higher levels of sales and brand value with our unique hand-holding strategic process. We plan and execute fund raising drives for NGOs and religious institutes for their new megaprojects and expansion.

Here are a few collaborations
we offer:

  • Representing your company as your branch in India/ Maharashtra
  • Taking subcontract or outsourcing of work from your company
  • Joint venture or collaboration
  • Providing consultancy

You can avail our services as consultants on the following criteria:

  • Monthly/ yearly/ One time consultancy fees
  • Retainership basis
  • Assignment basis