Hitendra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is a new version of Hitendra Advertising and Marketing Pvt. Ltd and now is a full-fledged consultation firm equipped with cutting-edge technology & state-of-the-art infrastructure offering a wide variety of verticals like International Business Consultancy , Real estate , Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing and many more from more than 30 years of experience, knowledge, wisdom and contacts . Established in the year 1997 by our maverick leader Mr. Hitendra Somani, Hitendra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is going from strength to strength having served over a 1000 satisfied customers and gaining recognition as one of the most inspirational success stories in the advertising & marketing industry. Mr. Hitendra Somani, our dashing CEO & the brain behind the company is an industry veteran with more than 38 years of experience. Known for his sharp intellect & never- ending energy, his portfolio shows his genius with expertise in varied domains like P.R., Advertising, Marketing, Events, Exhibitions, Business & Real Estate consultancy & many more. He is a certified genius with an unheard IQ of 164 and is one among the top 0.13% of people in the world who think out of the box.
The logo of Hitendra Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. stands for all the principles we believe in. Success is a very important factor in the Hitendra Legacy as we have & always will stand by everybody aspiring to be successful.


To provide world class effective as well as economical services using proven & innovative techniques. We aspire to cater to all types of entrepreneurs round the globe to boost the economy of Bharat.


Providing much needed help & guidance to start-ups to consolidate, expand and make the venture sustainable in the future.


Carving out a niche in the industry as a brand known for our high quality services.


  • Hitendra Somani is a certified genius with an IQ of 164.
  • Mr. Somani amongst the top 0.13% of the smartest population of the world as found via 4D Brain Analysis.
  • Mr. Somani possesses out of the box thinking & visualization skills & is an asset to any organization.

Our strength as an organization lies in our supremely talented team & group of associates. We believe in hardcore R&D and make sure we do thorough research about the requirement of the client, local perspective & what works in the selected geography. We are known for creativity, innovation & always coming up with something unique for our clients. We conduct continuous research in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry in order to help our customers scale greater heights.


We partner with some of the best organisations around the world to give you a seamless, top notch performance. All our vendors and associates have stellar experience in their respective fields and you can be rest assured that your project is in the best hands possible.

  • ARU

    Graphic Designing

  • BeAlpha

    Corporate Training

  • H&CoLegal

    Legal Consultancy

  • Polltics

    Political Consultancy

  • Sliver bind


  • Print

    Offset Printing

  • DreamUp

    Video / Film Production

  • Animationwala


  • IKF

    Digital Marketing Agency

  • Prakash Bang

    Marketing & Branding

  • Prithvi

    Outdoor Advertising

  • Perceptions