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Has it ever occurred to you as a layperson as to how people get to know about a specific product or service when it is launched in the market? No one is interested in the nitty-gritty of the launch of the product or its promotion itself. However, it is the hard work and willing dedication of a team of individuals, working relentlessly behind the scenes, that makes the product or service known in the market. Making it known to the common man, particularly to the potential client or customer is what the art of marketing is all about. As an agency, we understand the dynamics of marketing well and have built our expertise and gathered our vast experience by applying its principles successfully. What makes us stand out especially is our ability to combine innovativeness with creativity. We have stuck to the basics and played by the rules, and rest, as they say, is history. We have been able to blend all the elements of conventional marketing processes with modern ideas that have revolutionized the world of marketing and advertising completely.

Event Marketing

This is a medium for exclusive happenings. These include fashion shows, exhibitions, motorcycle and car races, regional festivals and sports events such as cricket tournaments etc. Event marketing combines corporate sponsorship of an event with sales promotion and public relations. The event profits largely due to the financial partnership of supplementary advertising budgets and collections from the sale of tickets, which go hand-in-hand.

Concept Marketing

The launch of a new product or idea can be done through this medium as it necessitates the generation of an awareness in the minds of consumers about the product. With a sharp increase in the number of products of the same type in the market, concept marketing aims at appealing to the consumer with the unique selling proposition of the product. This poses a great challenge to us and a lot of marketing research is involved prior to the actual launch of the product in question.

Direct Marketing

We are very much into this type of marketing viz. direct marketing in Pune region. We have a selected and updated a mailing list. We have direct access to various strata of buyers, classified information on them, demographics etc. Direct marketing proves to be relatively cost-effective, as it does not need the manufacturer to have an established set-up. Advertising for products is also not a must as door-to-door sale puts the buyer and the seller face-to-face with each other.

Telemarketing & interactive voice response

Market Research - This comprises pre and post promotion survey, feasibility of the product, recent trends, the demand curve etc.

Letter Shopping

World wide CD Rom business directories

Internet Services

Rural Marketing

We undertake extensive research in order to keep track of changing customer needs, current trends and consumer behavior. We have always adopted the latest techniques for faster collection of data. The use of the Internet has aided us greatly in our research as well as in exploring new horizons for sales and promotion of products.

We have undertaken market research in the following areas:
a) Consumer behavior during festive seasons.
b) Future buying plan for an office establishment.
c) Transit media opinion by an advertiser, ad viewer and an ad agency.
d) Area wise feasibility of a computer institute in Pune.
e) Trends among the student community as far as Information Technology is concerned.
f) Expectations of students from a computer institute.

Marketing Consultancy

For Consumer Product
1. Shakti Awla Product.
2. C.P.D. Calendar
3. Oshoyug calendar

For Industrial Products
1. Ugam Thinner & Paints
2. Paints & Paint brushes.

For Retail out lets
1. Vishnovi
2. Handicraft Showroom
3. Rottarlam, Holland

For Service Industry
1. China Thai Restaurants, Munchen, Germany
2. Balloons India
3. Jay Caterers
4. Magarpatta Township Development Ltd.

For Consumer Durable Products
1. Rainbow Agencies (Greaves Garuda Diesel Rickshaws)
2. Rama Automation (Mobil Phones)

Product Launching

Successfully launched Awala Sherbat, for Shakti products, Lonavala.
1. Shakti Awala Products
2. Oshouga
3. C.P.D., Yuvahit

Road shows - We have organized mega road shows with 'duplicate' actors for Euro Ed Consultant (UAE), for Tata Infotech and for Kinetic Engineering Ltd.

We provide other services related to events

These comprise consultancy, planning, layout designing and execution of exhibitions.
1. Stage display and stall decorations.
2. Information and communication services, data bank, mass correspondence etc.
3. Conferences, seminars and conventions management.
4. Advertising and publicity.
5. Press conferences for events.
6. Marketing of stalls and advertising options.
7. Getting sponsors for events.
8. Total turnkey projects for any event.

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