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Bus Advertisement  
Public transport has tremendous advertising potential and we have tapped it successfully in our ad campaigns. Given its greater reach, deeper penetration, reasonable rates and unique identity, it provides a powerful medium for advertising, which we have exploited successfully. Another important feature of this medium is its high recall value due to its repeated frequency. We are the authorized agency for advertising on PMPML, GSRTC, MSRTC, APRTC, DTC, PRTC, SMT, NMMTC vehicles as well.

Bus Advertisment
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Bus Stop- Illuminated & Non-Illuminated

Every bus stop is a site that is away from the clutter of hoardings and where advertisements are at the eye level of regular commuters and bystanders. It is most likely to catch their attention and play on their mind. Both illuminated and non-illuminated bus shelters in the Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municiple area on many prominent locations are available for this kind of advertising and given their inherent advantages are extremely useful. Bus Stop- Illuminated & Non-Illuminated
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Auto Rickshaw
We are pioneers in advertising on auto rickshaws in Maharashtra. Ads on auto rickshaw tops goes to every nook and corner of the city. Are ideal to launch seasonal campaigns etc.
Most effective and economcal media to tap rural and upcountry market.

How you would be benefited?
It's a sure attention grabber. A wide range of products has begun to exploit this medium since it is known to be a fast track messenger and covers much ground.
Auto Rickshaw
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For reasons:-

  • Rickshaws ply eveywhere around the entire city. This ensures that your ad is noticed almost everywhere on main thorough fares, lanes and alleys, crossroads and at traffic signals.
  • The message stands a good chance of an average of 18 hours of exposure every day. In other media, the life your advertisement is much more short-lived.
  • Each rickshaw travels about 100-200 kms a day. This ensures that a wider geographical area is covered.
  • To reach the exact target audience, a zone wise selection of area is possible.
  • Rickshaws are generally washed and cleaned daily unlike other modes of public transport.
  • More than 3,65,000 people are exposed to the ad each year.
  • Rates are very economical as compare to sky-high rates of other media.
  • There are five prime hot spots: Auto hood, back panels and side panels.
  • The exposure time is increased due to heavy traffic.
  • Diverse colour combinations could be tried at the same cost.
  • Powerful noise free communication at eye level offers a chance for direct communication.

Whenever you think of mobile advertising, your automatic choice ought to be auto rickshaws.

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Rail Way
An overwhelming majority of Indians travel by rail. Hence, it has always been an easy, convenient and effective medium to disseminate vital information that may be either social or philanthropic in nature. Advertising has not lagged behind in exploiting to good effect the tremendous potential of this medium. Hoardings, glow signs etc are commonly used advertising tools that have caught the attention of the common man. Making use of the latest technology has only added to the attractiveness and retention value of advertisements for the common man.

Rail Way

Post Medias
Media Post, the one-of-its-kind media vehicle in the country from the Department of Posts. With the backing of the extensive reach of India Post, Media Post has the ability to make your brand visible to a whopping 100 crore people. Ypur brand will be on each of the 1575 crore mails reaching every nook and corner of the country using 1,54,551 post offices and 5,81289 letter boxes. Ministry of Health, Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Citibank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank, LIC, IREDA, UTI, ICICI, PCRA, IOC, HDFC, LG, Britannia, Brooke Bond, Hindustan Lever, Dabur, Apollo Tyres, Star TV and many others have already benefited immensely from the services of Media Post.

Post Medias

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