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We have witnessed several brands and businesses grow to positions of leadership and strength. This silver jubilee year, extracting in the 25 years of experience, we strive to offer you that very essence... And we have honed our infrastructure and our processes accordingly to match the multi-functional needs of our clients, we integrate so well with our clients, we recognize that speed, flexibility and values are the great drivers of change.  
Hitendra Advertising & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (HAMPL) are leaders in Outdoor Transit publicity media. There are many first to our credit like pioneer in launching the media of Auto Rickshaw Advertising in Maharashtra State, first to introduce Balloon Advertising in different shapes and sizes, first to introduce the concept of catalogue show in the city, first to organise mega fashion show in the city, first to organise an exhibition depicting 1000 year history of our own city which has got mention in Limca Book of Records. We have given several products a strong local identity and are going strong year after year for the last 25 years.  
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